Support us in saving strays and feeding the rescues

Support us in saving strays and feeding the rescues


Adopt, don’t shop. Be a blessing to one of the many unfortunate animals by giving them all the love that they need and providing all their needs to experience a comfortable life.


Want to be part of something great? Together we can do a lot of great things. Be a Pet Avenue volunteer and lend us a hand in our future rescue missions and other animal welfare activities.


With every purchase that you make, you help us raise funds for our rescues and rescue missions. All Pet Avenue pet care products are 100% Natural and Organic. Refer us to your friends as well.


We knock on your generous hearts to help us fund the vet bills and other expenses of our rescued animals. Any amount will go a long way and we are forever grateful for your generosity.

When you buy pet care products from us, you’re not helping a C.E.O. buy a luxury car. You’re helping an animal rescue volunteer feed strays and ferals. You’re helping an animal shelter with their vet bills and rescue materials. You’re helping independent rescuers save more animals.

Recommend us to your family and friends. We are on Shopee!

News & Updates

Ano nga ba ang Ehrlichiosis?

Ano nga ba ang Ehrlichiosis?

Ehrlichiosis- katumbas ng Dengue sa tao- is a tick-borne disease- Napapauso na naman ang garapata dahil sa init ng...

Please donate your old cage/crate

Please donate your old cage/crate

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We can't assist sa mga animal cruelty cases ninyo dahil kulang na ho kami sa pondo at wala narin...

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